The K7UB System

145.430- 123.0Hz Blue Springs Hills
448.300- 123.0 Hz

Up on a ridge along the Thiokol/ATK/Orbital/Northrop Grumman facility. This is the hub repeater for the whole system and the original club repeater. Covers large amounts of Box Elder County into Tremonton and down the I-15 corridor quite a ways. 

TKR-750 VHF@15W
TKR-850 UHF@10W
CAT-1000 Controller with RBS card and DL-1000 delays

147.220+ 123.0Hz Riverside

Sitting on a hill above the I-15 in Riverside.

This little site has coverage into Malad Idaho, Cache Valley, and many places along the I-15 corridor south towards Salt Lake.

Linked to 145.430 full time

This site is also home to the IRLP/Echolink nodes
IRLP: 7172
Echolink: 645522 or K7UB-R

More info about the IRLP/Echolink may be found here!

TKR-750 VHF@15W
TKR-850 UHF@5W
CAT-1000 Controller with RLB card and custom delays
rPI 2B+ and custom board for EchoIRLP

145.290- 123.0Hz Brigham City

Sitting on a little hill along the East benches of Brigham City. This site allows excellent coverage of Brigham, Perry, Willard, Corinne, and up to Riverside as a backup for that site. Due to its location southern coverage is not great, but two other repeaters in the system cover southbound.

Linked to 145.430 full time

TKR-750 VHF@15W
TKR-850 UHF@5W
CAT-1000 Controller with AD-1000 delays

147.380+ 123.0Hz Dunn Peak

At 9200ft atop the raft river range above Park Valley. This repeater has a very wide coverage area into south-central Idaho and throughout the northwestern section of the state out to Wendover. 

Due to damaged equipment and a weak solar system, this repeater is intermittent until further repairs can be made in spring.

Linked to 145.430 full time

TKR-750 VHF@5W
TKR-850 UHF@5W
CAT-1000 Controller with modified DL-1000 delays