IRLP 7172 and Echolink 645522 K7UB-R

Current node status:

The GSARC (K7UB) EchoIRLP node is designed by and maintained by KG7RDR who is the node operator. The GSARC is not directly responsible for it's use or operation.


February 2016
A group of hams from around UT and WA sent board files off to a fab for a Raspberry PI based EchoIRLP node.

March  2016
V2.0 boards received, Echolink operational from KG7RDR QTH. Per guidance from David W7JFH asterisk/allstar being considered. Node was linked to 147.220 repeater.

April 2016
IRLP was finally brought online after sourcing the needed DTMF decoder. Transmitter was replaced after Yaesu 5100 failed. Further efforts to utilize Asterisk/Allstar to tie everything together and have higher quality audio. DTMF issues realized with 147.220 repeater and link radios.
Issued original node #7533 - Then due to bureaucracy and Canadians was lost. 7172 assigned at this time

May 2016
rPI hardware finally considered "functional" and put on battery backup with redundant internet circuits. More mentoring from W7JFH about switching SBC platforms to Beagle Bone for more processing power. Inbound Echolink node and multi-user conferencing considered fully operational at this time.

September 2016
Node operator KG7RDR terminated the node temporarily for two year religious obligations.

October 4 2017
Assistant operator and node mentor W7JFH suddenly passes after brief battle with Cancer

December 2018
Node hardware reassembled. Some failures during storage, SD card with OS corrupt and will no longer boot.  Do not remember where backups are at

Sometime 2019
Some club membership pushing to get node back online, more parts reassembled and a backup file found on old laptop. Unable to start node due to complications regarding some packages used for Asterisk/Allstar due to community divergence. Dependencies no longer available and node (as configured) no longer feasible. 

Sometime 2020
Node-op being stubborn, waiting for aforementioned packages to be fixed and teams to get along.

November 2021
Gave up on the Asterisk/Allstar integration nonsense and petitioned operators of IRLP for new installation documents and scripts. Reverting back to EchoIRLP.

December 2021
The node is now semi-operational while setup in my personal shack at home linked to the 147.220 repeater for testing and club use.

May 2021
After an all-night excursion the node computer, hardware, and software are functioning again. Working on a new enclosure before it goes back to the repeater.

Sept 2021
Got the node back up with the latest software and fixed web status page at

January 2022
The node is still setup at my home, but is now more stable and open for general use. There is a repeater tail, so please do not link to another repeater.
~Internet connection to home becomes too unstable to operate node, system disabled~

September 2022
Internet connection resolved, bringing node back online!
22nd - Node hardware involved in a lightning strike. Network cables blown and outlet on wall burnt but otherwise the hardware is still functional.

-Bret, KG7RDR

The K7UB-R EchoIRLP node utilizes a Raspberry Pi 1 B+ SBC running Debian Linux. Attached to this Pi are two custom boards which handle the DTMF decoding and audio isolation. When complete this node will find a home at the 147.220 repeater site above Riverside.
For the time being, however, it is housed at the QTH of KG7RDR linked to the system via a heavily modified ICOM IC-2100 and an old Yaesu FT-5100.

If you need general help getting Echolink configured or an issue with the node, please email