Winter Field Day

Or just "WFD"

Bret, KG7RDR and David, KI7TCJ have been heading the Clubs Winter Field Day event since 2019.

Typically held the last weekend in January, this is an excellent opportunity to "bug out" and setup a station somewhere during the winter.
Similar to the June field day, the objective is to have fun and make bunches of contacts. Along the way we love to help new operators become familiar with HF radio principles and use along with logging. Due to its relaxed nature this event is perfect for the first time contester or anyone who just wants to come have a chat.

Some folks really like to rough it and operate fully outdoors in tents, but we understand that isn't very appealing. Typically a trailer is borrowed for the weekend and we operate out of it powered by an RF filtered generator. We are always looking for someone with said trailer to operate out of so step on up and donate some time!

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A 24 hour HF contest. Very relaxed and fun, come along and enjoy a few hours on the air. We are especially looking for those who want to get on HF for their first time. Runs from Noon on Saturday to Noon on Sunday.

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