Field Day

Typically held the third full weekend in June

This is the ARRL sanctioned big event of the year. More than 40,000 hams on the air and everyone trying to contact everyone else. This is an unparalleled feat of clubs and individuals taking their gear out into the field and getting everything working to some extent. This is also the ultimate excuse to show off your gear and your skills. We welcome all to this event be you a newly licensed ham or a hardened veteran. This event runs for 24 hours on all non-warc bands across the nation and some overseas. 

Field day is a long held tradition for operators in the US starting in 1933. Of course it is a fantastic exercise in rapid station deployment and operation, but it means so much more.

This event offers the perfect environment for non-hams, new hams, and OM's to gain experience and learn something new. For many, their first field day determines their path through the hobby going forward. There is always something to be learned from operating basics to antenna construction to electronics and digital communications. We want to not only continue this long-held tradition, we want to expand it but to do that we need your help. Please get this event on your calendar, remind your fellow hams, offer to help setup the antennas and stations, or just offer to operate for a few hours during the event. Bring your questions, bring your gear, bring your projects, we want to see it!

Lets not allow this wonderful event to fade away within our county and club!

Please fill out the form at the bottom if this page so we can know how much of a party to plan for!

Firstly, a resounding thank you to everyone who participated and supported last year. We had an amazing setup crew, but missed many of our operators during the actual event. In many cases a single operator manned his station all day resulting in most stations going off-air during the night

Remember this is more than just a contest, it is a place where we should all be working together to learn and grow. In order to make this happen we need more ham-power to deploy and most importantly operate stations again this year. We would like to continue operating as a 4O with the upper band conditions doing very well, which will require at least 16 operators to do smoothly. You do not have to hold any license class to operate under the club callsign, anyone can sit down and have fun. Even if you're just barely thinking about getting a license, we can show you the ropes and put you on the air. If you would rather just operate the logging software in a supporting position, that is great.

We would like to start getting a list together of those who will be attending this year. We are currently planning at operating from the Bear River City Park again, however we need to know the general interest in order to plan antenna types, quantity, and placement. If we cannot get enough support, there will be fewer stations. 


Friday Evening: 

Saturday Morning:



Who do we need?

A great thank you to KE7EHJ and KE7DJQ for handling the PSK31 operations over many years. There is still some PSK on the air, but many operators have transitioned to other modes for field day. We attempted to throw something together last minute during last years field day with poor results. As such we really need a "Digital Specialist" to come and show us how it's done. The logging software is "N3FJP Field Day Log" so if you can get something to push to it you're hired! A station, supporting equipment, and laptop will be provided for field day. 


You will need to bring your own dinner, the club will not be providing a meal this year.

We especially need folks for the following positions:

WE NEED EVERYONE, lets revive the GSARC field day experience.

Remember, even a couple hours of operation will significantly help. You do not need to be there for the full 24 hours.

Please fill out the form below so we can plan ahead.

We really need to know the interest level to help decide how many stations and antennas to plan on, and which ones. The 75M loops require a great deal to raise, and it will take everyone working together.